Wednesday, October 19, 2011

John & Lenna Mendenhall Family

Look at that good lookin' bunch! ;)  These great people are my in laws!  We finally got all of us together to take a family picture!  It was last minuet but it worked out great! :)  We will have to do another one soon though, because we are adding 2 more babies into the family next year.  1 in January and 1 in May (mine). Thanks to my Mom I was able to be in the main picture!  It rarely happens that I am in front of the camera, so it was kinda weird when it was actually my camera taking the pictures and I wasn't behind it! 

What a beautiful place we live in here in Utah.  This is right above my in laws home and it is just beautiful this year.  I'm sad because these leaves are not going to be here by this least not all of them.

So Lenna without further ado here is your Beautiful family!

 All the Grand kids...and yes mine is the one in the middle with piggy tails doing sad faces.  Of course the photographers daughter is the worst one...go figure. :)
 While we were at this beautiful spot, we decided to snap a few pictures of my husbands Sister and her cute family to get an updated family picture for them! 

I don't think the Mendenhall's can make ugly children.  We are just a bunch of good looking people I guess! ;)

Lenna I hope you love them as much as I do!



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