Sunday, July 1, 2007


I am a on location natural light photographer.
Your session
Family sessions
We will start off by doing more posed photos at first! Then after that we will get the wiggles out and just let go and have some fun! I love capturing you as a family playing around and having fun! Then we will get pictures of each individual (yes that includes you dad) and then mom & dad together! Try to wear fun bright colors that bring out each of your personalities!! Also make sure everyone has a full belly so we don't have any excuses from the kids or dad!
Relax!! This is one of the best days of your lives! Have fun, be happy and enjoy the day!! Don't stress out over little things! Go with the flow and the day will be GREAT!! For Bridal sessions I love to have props! Anything like Cowboy boots, to a baseball & bat. Anything that represents you as an individual! I love to do the cute pictures of you and your dress, but I also love to show your personality in your photos!!!
I can not stress enough to keep them fed!! As well as keep it calm. If you are stressing out the kids will too! Just be your self like you would any other day of the week! Bring your kids favorite doll or blanket for those candid shots! Have them wear something they are comfortable in and will let lose in!! I love bright colors and textures for kids!!!


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