Friday, March 23, 2012

Tanesha & Riley - Engagements

These two are so stinking cute!  Riley is my dads cousins son...WOW huh?  I consider his parents Aunts & Uncles, and their kids cousins! :)  I love having my family so close to us!  Its fun being part of a BIG family! :)  These two are getting hitched in April, and I am so excited to be shooting their wedding! :)  So here is a little peek at their E-Session!

I just thoughts id let everyone know that I am not taking anymore sessions until after I have my baby.  I am doing these twos wedding in April and that's it!  I have been having some really bad leg pains, caused by the baby sitting on my Femoral artery nerve...I know it sounds fun huh? :)  So I decided that I am just going to start taking sessions probably in June, when I am feeling up to it!  Thanks for understanding! :)



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